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Home care nurse serving breakfast to senior man

Care Services

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Unified approach to care

Offering safety and security


a care nurse demonstrates to a senior woman how her panic pendant would work in the event

Highly trained staff

We believe that the service user should be at the centre of everything we do within the care home. All the services will be provided and tailor made to suit every single individual using our service.

At The Bungalow Care Home in Bolton, we endeavour to involve individuals in all aspects of their personal care and focus all care services around each person to ensure we are meeting their care needs as effectively as possible.

We will be responsive to changing care requirements by stringently observing changes and re-evaluating the client's care plans in real time.

Safety is a very important aspect that plays a major role in every facet of our service. We ensure all records are kept up to date, regularly monitored, audited and scrutinised to ensure information integrity and accuracy are continually upheld.

Systems and processes are in place to prevent mistreatment of individuals and staff are all trained in the recognition of safeguarding, noticing signs of abuse, deprivation of liberty, improper treatment, etc. and are promoted to immediately enact the whistleblowing procedure without fear of reprisal.

We provide a safe, comfortable, homely environment for people by maintaining and adapting the building regularly to each person's requirements. We also ensure that all safety checks are completed on time and any problems found are acted upon and rectified immediately.

Senior woman reading greeting card

Day care services

We provide a day care service for when you require assistance whilst your loved ones are busy or need a rest. You will have a great experience throughout your day and can participate in our many activities. Food, drink and personal care comes as part of the package so you can relax and enjoy our comforts. This is a great way to join our community, make friends and be a part of something great!

Long-term residential care

A lot of people have a misconception that by going into care, they lose their ability to make decisions and life choices. This is far from the truth! Our job is to provide assistance where needed. We promote independence, decision making and help people get the most out of life.

Going into long-term living within a care home can be a very upsetting and daunting venture. We understand that the transition can be a stressful experience, but our staff recognise this and we will ensure we do our upmost to make the transition as easy as possible.

Close up of a senior people looking at digital tablet
A menu and knife and fork cutlery laid on a restaurant table

Dining Services

Dining should be an enjoyable experience not just a task! We all go out to eat not just for the food but for the fun, social aspects and we feel that should not change just because you are in a care home!

Every aspect of our menu has been carefully constructed BY the residents, FOR the residents! We regularly hold resident meetings and discuss the menu to ensure they are happy with their choices and to ensure that everyone has their favourite meals incorporated.

Mealtimes are a very important aspect to the residents' lives and getting the dining experience, food choices and food quality perfected is extremely important to SH Care.

We are able to adapt any of our menu items to suit dietary needs and choices. Our experienced kitchen staff can even go "off road" on the fly and cook meals that are not on the menu so you don't have to feel restricted at all to the choices already on offer.

Why choose us?

Life doesn't stop just because someone enters assisted living, in fact they will gain the ability to do things that they never thought was possible with us. We also have a wonderful community of residents for people to make life long friends with and enjoy life to the full!
Nurse and Patient in wheelchair

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